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The Power of Asking

A concept jumped out at me recently that had been in my thoughts but not in a way where I focused on it. The Power of Asking is the concept that really resonates with me right now.

In order to have relationships, conduct business, and interact with others we have to ask for things.

In terms of business this concept is essential because without prospects answering yes to doing business nothing gets done. If you get nervous about the ask for fear of rejection you are not alone. In fact, nobody wants to get rejected. However, if you do not propose the question and get the prospect to sign on then no business will ever occur.

This leads me to the point of getting one of two "R" words when it comes to the power of asking:

Rejection for asking and the friend, sales prospect, supervisor, etc. saying no.


Regret for never asking the friend, sales prospect, supervisor, etc. for your proposal/request.

I am with you in that I do no like rejection, but it is much easier to recover from then regret.


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