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Journey from Physical Fitness to Fiscal Fitness

I began my career as a personal trainer after graduating from Kansas State University with a bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology. While I enjoyed my work, I began to see that it would be hard to continue this current schedule of morning and evening sessions long term. I had the chance to work at an investment company and still train part time. It was this role at American Century Investments that began to encourage a look at changing careers.

Fast forward a couple years and I had enrolled at Baker University in an MBA Program. I earned my MBA in Finance and began to look for full time accounting roles. In my search I ran into a roadblock where many companies required a bachelor’s degree in Finance or Accounting. From there I enrolled at Baker University again. This time I earned a bachelor’s degree in accounting, and I went all in for this career. Thanks to Baker University I had the confidence to enroll and earn a Certified Management Accountant and Certified in Strategy and Competitive Analysis certifications through the Institute of Management Accountants.

I now have nearly 10 years of experience working in accounting roles from a Project Accountant to Controller with small firms up to a Fortune 500 company. I love this career, so I have launched Accounting Couture to promote the world of accounting. I want people to be inspired to pursue accounting as a career or even switch careers like I have done.


Join me in helping to promote the accounting profession and support the vision of providing scholarships to those seeking to earn a finance or accounting credential/license.




To promote the accounting profession and inspire the accountants of today and tomorrow.




Our vision is to provide accountants with the chance to share the love of their profession, encourage a stronger professional community, and provide scholarship opportunities. 


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