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Time to Sustain and Maintain More in Life

This new book “Sustain Your Game” by Alan Stein, Jr. is a must read as a guideline for achieving more while maintaining a healthy perspective on life/relationships!

There are numerous books that focus on ways to achieve more and chase down your dreams. Having passion and objectives are great especially when we have noble goals for ourselves and others. However, we must never sacrifice our health and/or relationships to simply achieve increasingly more.

That is why I love the newest book from Alan Stein, Jr.

The book provides excellent analogies from the most successful athletes and business professionals. It incorporates the importance of downtime and rest to promote health. The book consists of three sections to help provide a framework for readers to follow in their lives.

· Part 1 – Short Term: Managing daily stress

· Part 2 – Medium Term: Avoiding stagnation

· Part 3 – Long Term: Beating burnout and making a lasting impact

I love the entire book, but my favorite chapter is on Positivity. I am doing even more now to focus on my gratitude and continue to work on my optimism. It may seem that optimists are happy all the time, but that is not the case. High performers in this area are people that become excellent at being optimistic without disregarding realism. It is easy to be negative, so having a belief that things will work out in the end is something that takes courage and work to remain in a positive focus.

The steps in the book are easy to follow and begin implementing as you read. I consider this book an excellent playbook to combine with Alan’s first book “Raise Your Game.” I wish you the best of luck as you raise and sustain your game!


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