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Time is Money: The Art of Buying Back Your Most Precious Currency

Time moves on no matter what so make the most of it!

In the book Buy Back Your Time by Dan Martell he tells some shares some incredible insights on how to buy back time to make you a more effective person.

  • One of the biggest takeaways for me is that owners should not hire to grow their business and instead they should hire to buy back their time.

When owners find others to handle tasks that are important but do not generate sales the owner is then freed up to do what they do best. Dan does an excellent job of indicating where to start with hiring to buy back time and how this will progress as the company grows.

  • Another powerful concept is the buy back rate. Business owners can calculate what their time is worth (calculation in the book). Once the owner knows their rate they can hire people in a monetary range that is fair and then use the freed up time to earn more at their owner rate.

These are just a couple of the key things I took away from the book. Check it out today and leverage the incredible resources that Dan provides to his readers.

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