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Charting the Future: Why Accounting is the Career of Tomorrow!

Check out this upcoming Webinar on April 16th.

Help Build the Future of Accounting

The webinar will focus on ways we can increase the number of accounting graduates as well as promoting them to pursue a license like the CPA, and/or credentials like the CMA, CIA, CFE, etc.

How do we market/recruit high school and college students?

How do we market/recruit college students?

How do we market/promote to keep professionals to remain in accounting?

In this webinar, you'll learn:

✅ Know what steps you can take to encourage young people to pursue accounting.

✅ Know what steps you can take to help keep your peers engaged and to remain in the profession.

✅ Understand what role technology may play as future accountants are likely to focus on planning/strategy/controlling and less on transactional work.

✅ Consider alternative paths for people pursuing the CPA outside of traditional schooling and 150 hours.

🔔 Earn NASBA-approved CPE and IRS-approved CE via the Earmark app 📲

Register for CPE:


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