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Calling All Aspiring Accountants

Imagine you are at a graduation ceremony, and you hear the various names of people who graduated with an accounting degree. What do you picture them doing following graduation? It seems like many people would picture these fresh graduates beginning work on tax returns or perhaps auditing. If only the public (and even those starting off in accounting) knew about the variety of experiences they could encounter with their knowledge of how businesses operate.

I love the book “Dear Accountant” by Cecilia Leung, CPA. She shares stories about 20 individuals and demonstrates the vastness of career opportunities someone might have with an accounting background. The book shares incredible advice and enlightening stories of the path’s others have taken in the accounting realm. This book should be required reading for accounting and finance majors in college. Even seasoned accounting professionals will find inspiration in this book from others who made multiple pivots in their career.

My key takeaway from the book is those who have a passion for accounting (or business in general) must be willing to take risks and be open to new challenges and opportunities. There are many rewarding career paths within the accounting discipline.

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