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10 Incredible Benefits from Consistent Content Creation

What are some of the best things about content creation that occur once you have been consistent and have built up a collection of posts/videos?

  1. Once you have been consistent with creating and posting you will then have a catalog of content that you can go back and reuse (take that vacation and share some of your most popular posts).

  2. You start to learn what people tend to prefer in terms of content based on engagement/feedback.

  3. You will get more comfortable with posting especially if you are on video.

  4. Posting will allow you to reach new people (that could be prospects for jobs, networking, or even sales).

  5. Perhaps you will inspire someone else that was hesitant to share their own content and they will start posting.

  6. You will realize that there is no perfect content/video (give yourself some grace).

  7. You do not need expensive equipment (at least not in the beginning). Depending on your goals and success you can always get more expensive equipment later on.

  8. You will start to learn new ways to be more efficient with creating, producing, and posting content.

  9. You can get inspiration from other people that produce content for the same audience and perhaps find a way to collaborate.

  10. It can be a lot of fun! As long as you do not find yourself feeling pressure to produce all the time and get caught up in impressions/engagements. If it stops being fun then take a little break, share some old posts, and jump back in when you feel it is time.

I have been posting consistently on TikTok, Instagram, and LinkedIn since late 2021. It has been so much incredibly fun and it has allowed me to meet a lot of new people. Thanks to everyone who supports Accounting Couture on the various platforms!!!!


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