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Seal of Approval for the Attributes

Imagine you are in a room with a Navy Seal briefing you on an upcoming mission. Your team is depending on you and needs you mentally locked in. Did your heart rate just elevate? Take a deep breath and realize that you are going to be taken on a journey by this Navy Seal, but it will not involve combat.

In his book “The Attributes” Rich Diviney presents and gives evidence for the 25 attributes he deems are essential for optimal performance. Rich does an excellent job incorporating the experience of others in addition to his own. His attributes extend beyond the military to help people perform better in business, parenting, and relationships in general. Rich will help readers move beyond simply looking at people’s skills to interpreting their attributes. When building a team you can find others that have other attribute strengths that would benefit/balance the team.

I highly recommend this book because once you understand your attributes, you can extend beyond yourself and start to see the attributes of others. We all have different levels of the attributes described in the book. It is important to remember that even if you score low on certain attributes there are steps you can take to improve in that area. Grab a copy and begin your attribute assessment today.

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