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Making Sense of all This Data

This book should be required reading in school as the amount of data being produced continues to grow exponentially. Jordan Morrow takes you through a primer on data where the reader does not have to be a data scientist to consume and understand. In order to be successful with data literacy everyone needs to be curious about data, use their creativity, and finally apply critical thinking skills.

Jordan provides excellent examples of the four levels of analytics.

· Descriptive

· Diagnostic

· Predictive

· Prescriptive

From there you will get an overview of the data literacy journey and the four characteristics of data literacy.

· Reading Data

· Working with Data

· Analyzing Data

· Communicating with Data

Making sense of data is not something we can simply hand off to a data scientist or statistician. We all must become data literate and communicate using data in all aspects of our lives. Grab a copy of this book today and begin (or continue) your data literacy journey.

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