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Focus on the Heart

People will always remember how you made them feel.

Most likely we have at least one story of an inspiring leader and then the complete opposite with a person in charge making life miserable for others. It is sad that some people in positions of authority may indeed make life miserable for others without even realizing it. If more leaders were self-aware and lead with purpose imagine what could be achieved. We need more purposeful leaders and this where Hubert Joly’s new book “The Heart of Business” will be a valuable resource for leaders inspired to make their organizations better.

Hubert Joly will take you through an incredible journey of his leadership progression. The book is an excellent story of how Hubert grew in his leadership ability and knowledge of what worked to help inspire others. In addition the book gives the background of how Best Buy was turned around from another potential big box retail failure to a company that is currently thriving.

The book reinforces what happens when you focus on your people instead of shareholders/profit first. Hubert Joly discusses the methodology from Jean-Marie Descarpentrie and the People – Business – Finance approach. Financials are important, but they are the byproduct of the hard work of employees helping customers. Imagine what more businesses could achieve if they took more time to empower and listen to their people. The command-and-control model is outdated and needs to go away. In the last few pages is one of my favorite parts of the book. Hubert Joly’s 5 ways to instill Leading with Purpose.

1) Be clear about your purpose, the purpose of people around you, and how it connects with the purpose of the company.

2) Be clear about your role as a leader.

3) Be clear about whom you serve.

4) Be driven by values.

5) Be authentic.

Reading books like this are refreshing because you hear the successes brought about by focusing on and empowering employees. We need more companies to adopt to this new method of capitalism where shareholder returns are no longer the primary objective. I highly recommend this book.

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