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Balancing Physical and Fiscal Fitness: Unveiling the Surprising Similarities Between Personal Training and Accounting

I used to be a full-time personal trainer before making the career change to accounting. People might think there is no overlap between fitness and business, but I disagree with that view. Here are some of the key points where I see an overlap between physical and fiscal fitness.



Personal trainers and accountants provide a service to help their clients live a healthy life.

  • Trainers encourage a healthy lifestyle by coaching their clients on nutrition and exercise.

  • Accountants encourage a healthy lifestyle for the business owner by taking on accounting tasks, so the business owner has more time freed up.


The best trainers and accountants have an excellent rapport with their clients.

  • A solid relationship of respect and trust is essential when training clients to discuss their eating/exercise habits and their health goals.

  • A solid relationship of respect and trust is needed when clients share sensitive financial information and their business goals.

Reporting Results

With both training and accounting, we report results to our clients at specific time intervals.

  • Trainers report results on improvements in physical fitness with faster run times, more push-ups, reduction of body fat, and decrease in circumference measurements.

  • Accountants give results of financial performance through the income statement, balance sheet, and statement of cash flows.

Coaching for Health

Trainers and accountants coach clients on healthy behaviors.

  • Personal trainers coach clients to make healthy choices when it comes to their food/drink intake as well as getting in workouts.

  • Accountants help their clients make healthy decisions about business expenditures where it makes sense to restrict and where it makes sense to spend all while monitoring healthy cash flow.

Using Knowledge

Personal trainers and accountants can share knowledge and tips, but the client makes the final decisions around what level of success they achieve.

  • When it comes to training clients, you give them knowledge of healthy food options and ways to get active.

  • Accountants give their clients knowledge of managing cash flow and spending money in a manner that makes sense for the business.


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